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Honoring Those Who Took to the Skies

With the movie Dunkirk making a splash at theaters this summer, many have been reminded of the important role pilots played in World War II. But did you know there’s a special place in Colorado Springs that honors that history?

The Hidden Jewel of Wyoming

Just 10 miles south of Yellowstone, Grand Teton is easily one of the most beautiful parks in America. Encompassing three major peaks, as well as much of the valley north of Jackson, the terrain provides a striking backdrop for wildlife viewing. And its glacier-hewn mountains are visually stunning.

Honoring a Shoshone Woman Who Helped Shape America

During a recent trip to Wyoming, we had the opportunity to visit the Wind River Reservation. Situated along Highway 287, this home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapahoe is often visited by those who want to try their luck at the largest casino closest to Yellowstone. However, we stopped here for a different reason.

US capital cities on map series: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Boots on the Ground in Baton Rouge
Dressed in long pants, boots and an orange t-shirt, I suddenly realized I was drenched.  As I breathed behind an N95 dust mask, my glasses kept fogging up, distorting the world around me. My hair hung soggily in my face, and I kept trying to push it back without using my gloved hands. I imagined I must look a bit like a drowned rat as the sweltering heat and humidity took its toll.  Everything was wet — and then it started to rain. Read about my recent trip to help with flood relief in Baton Rouge.

Tiny Houses, Big Opportunities
One of the primary reasons people say they don’t travel is money. Not only does travel sometimes seem expensive, but often resources are tied up in other commitments. In fact, for many, a mortgage alone can eat up between 25 and 35% of their monthly income. So, what if there was a way to manage a mortgage so that there’s more budget to travel? What if you could take your house with you while you’re traveling, so you could avoid hotel costs? Can you be a homebody and still explore the world?

Discover What Awaits You..

Sunrise ReflectionColorado
No matter the season, Colorado holds many wonders to explore. Read about some of the adventures you can find in the Centennial State.

From glacier-hewn mountains to rolling prairies, there’s lots to see and do in rugged Wyoming.